Workshop on Stochastic Dynamic Games and Related Topics 

March 22–24, 2023, Kiel, Germany

Aims and Scope

This workshop will cover recent advances in the mathematical theory of stochastic dynamic games and related stochastic control problems. The possible areas of application are broad. The goal is to foster existing collaborations and to identify and explore directions for future research. 

Invited speakers:

Luis Alvarez Esteban (University of Turku)

Stefan Ankirchner (University of Jena)

Nicole Bäuerle (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

Christoph Belak (TU Berlin)

Kristoffer Lindensjö (Stockholm University)

Johannes Muhle-Karbe (Imperial College London)

Berenice Neumann (Trier University)

Jan Palczewski (University of Leeds)


If you want to give a talk and have missed the deadline for submitting an abstract, please contact the local organizers via sdg2023@math.uni-kiel.de.